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You does not need a smartphone to listen to Christian FM, no data plan or Internet connection. Just dial your country telephone number and listen to Christian FM.

USA - 718-870-9900
USA - 712-832-2788

UK - 330-115-1056
UK - 330-606-0958

AUS - 028-072-5188


Christian FM Radio is a division of The Firstborn Ministries Our online radio ministry devoted to bringing our listeners a variety of uplifting worship music and sermons. Our goal here at online radio misnistry is to help spread the gospel message of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Through Biblical teaching programs and inspiring devotional music, we hope to help teach and encourage believers all across the globe.

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Program Schedule

USA Time – CST

9:00 am & 9.00 pm – United in the Word – Rev. Shibu Cherian
11.00 am & 11.00 pm – Revival Sermon – Rev. Sam P. Chelladurai
3.00 am & 3.00 pm – Blood Speaks – Bishop. Otha Bell
6.00 am & 6.00 pm – HE KNOWS MY NAME – SIS. DONNA BOSN